Best Female Dolls of 2024

165cm (5.41ft) Big Breasts Sexy Love Doll Rebecca

I’m very pleased with my girl. In my opinion, she looks better in person than the pictures show. I gave her a new name and enjoy having her next to me even more than having sex with her, which is excellent as well.

165cm (5.41ft) Big Chest Realistic Love Doll Allison

Her eyes are gorgeous and I was surprised at how detailed they are. I For me personally, the only way to improve my experience, would be to live with a human woman that I designed myself. So in conclusion, I’m completely satisfied and will likely purchase another doll. Cheers!

Most-Arousing Female Sex Dolls to Consider in 2024

156cm (5.12ft) Big Bust Real Sex Doll RD21060436 Iori

When I saw her tits I knew I had to buy her. her tits feels great with gel. I never put the clothes on her because my boss is a dick so I just have sex with once I get home.

165cm (5.41ft) Big Bust European Love Doll RD21052744 Helen

What a beautiful doll! I still can’t believe just how realistic she is! Her body is perfect! My only complaint, is that the doll is HEAVY! So be careful when picking her up! Overall, delivery was great and only took about 4 weeks.

2024 Mini Sex Dolls Hot Sale

Japanese Silicone Sex Doll Full Size Lifelike Breast Vagina Adult Product A19030828 Special Price Reiko

The thing that got me into this doll the most is that it is small, weightless, easy to store. Yet still looks like an experienced woman you would go to dinner with who wouldn’t kiss you on the first date.

Lifelike Full Size Adult Love Dolls Oral Vagina Anal Real Maid Sex Doll A19030843 Special Price Ling

Bought this fine lady last month. She lives up to all the expectations I had, she is all I ever need to come back home to from a long day’s work. So cute & sexy, I love this doll and the sessions I have with her blow my mind.

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Yes, I give the customer service a full mark! The doll is exactly the right size as described and the weight makes it look realistic. Easier to clean and store, it’s beautiful. The headstock bores are separate. You can have sex with her and enjoy her perfect pussy and intensely textured ass! The holes in this thing are tight, but real to the touch. Beautiful boobs. I am not cheated! ! Worth every penny. Works great in many different positions, durable, and by far the best doll I’ve owned…and the biggest. (Legit Or Another Scam?)

Yes, this site is legit! Believe me, this is a very easy and fun process. I have 5 dolls and this is the best! Doll was made, confirmed and delivered in less than 3 weeks. Doll arrived in perfect condition as pictured. This is a company to turn to as their team is in constant communication with you. I have some avatars to buy and complete my collection, we’ll keep in touch! Great teamwork. (Legit Or Another Scam?)

Yes, the site is legit! I read on forums that the site has been blacklisted. I’m really worried about being ripped off, but this seller is legit. My doll came out intact and they even added extras like wigs and eyes. I have emailed customer support several times and they have been very good at answering all my questions. If you want a doll, this is definitely the place to get it. Everything about this doll is perfect. Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, the site is legit and safe. Omg this girl is so hot. It was so beautiful, I was completely shocked by what I saw, the sexy legs were so realistic, so tactile, so realistic, so smooth, so silky, wow gorgeous, wide hips, so sexy. Thanks. super tight. I love it 🙂 it’s so pretty! ! ! Hottest, most erotic orgasm I’ve ever had! This is the softest, most realistic material I have ever experienced! ! !

Is Safe ?

Yes, it’s safe. I love how this girl feels real enough to let the imagination run wild. Sturdy and a bit heavy for its size. It looks like the photo. She is very pretty. Your skin is real. Sometimes when I walk out of the room, I almost feel scared when I see someone there. Haha I’m not kidding. Good material, just read how to care for TPE. The seller’s service is very good! If you have any questions, you can always contact them and they will reply you as soon as possible.

Is this sex doll vendor legit?

Yes, this vendor is definitely legit. I am very happy with this product! ! She arrived as always and I can’t wait to get her out of the box and give her a hug! Terribly realistic. The inside looks more than adequate; the outside is soft and comfortable. The packaging was very discreet, without problems, the dimensions shown in the photos are very satisfactory. Better than expected and great customer service. I recommend keeping clothes clean.